Resources and Links

Resources and Links

Elizabeth A. Garon is happy to offer you these links to helpful websites where you can find additional information regarding many family law interests. See below.

The YWCA link will provide you with information about Manchester’s local programs as well as connections to the YWCA Crisis Service.

The New Hampshire Court site link will provide you with many legal forms required for most domestic needs. The other links will allow you to access the NH Bar, the NH Judiciary, Circuit Courts, including District, Probate and Family Divisions. The NH Legal Advice and Referral Center and the New Hampshire Legal Assistance links are helpful with referrals and information. The link for the MA Bar is provided as our geographical location is not far from Massachusetts.

Disabilities Rights Center, Inc., the link is also a good resource for families.

The NH Better Business Bureau link provides you with information regarding businesses with good business practice reputations and can provide you with other business background information to help protect you when using services, or hiring businesses.

Please feel free to access information at all of the listed websites.


Self help is a start in getting answers to your questions. The links listed below are meant for you to access information and to utilize the forms provided when you require them in your case. Should you require more personal assistance Garon Law provides a one-time, one half hour, free consultation. You can call to schedule an in person consultation or you can choose to have a telephonic consultation. Because each case is unique and there are often many facts or elements that require attention in each individual case, no direct legal advice can be given in regard to your particular case during the free consultation. General information regarding what you might require may be disclosed. In regard to the many issues that may affect the outcome about your specific needs, a more in-depth investigation and informational meeting is required. Specific legal advice cannot be given in any particular matter without disclosure of all details in each case.

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