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Garon Law is thoroughly knowledgeable and updated with New Hampshire laws. When we are not opening new cases we work with our clients to modify current or past cases, keeping them up to date with any agreed or necessary changes.

Your case is important to us.  We will keep you informed every step of the way.  We are diversified and offer these representational services and more:

Marital Mediation

  • Marital mediation is different from marriage counseling. Let us help you settle your disputes. Let us together find a way to fairly divide your assets and debts, and create a parenting plan that works!

Divorce and Custody

  • You need to protect your rights and your children from unnecessary litigation. Garon Law will answer your questions and lead you through the process as expediently and painlessly as possible.

Parenting Plans / Modifications

  • Parenting Plans are drafted as a means of distinguishing parenting time for the parties. These are court ordered back up plans for when the parties are not able to agree on times, dates, places of exchange and other parenting related issues.

Prenuptial Agreements

  • Safeguard your assets before getting into the unpredictability of married life! You’ll never know when things could go wrong!

Child Support

  • Protect your children’s future and well-being. We will help you obtain child support using the NH child support formula and the Uniform Support Order.

Domestic Violence Petitions

  • You have the right to be safe and feel safe! We help empower victims of domestic and sexual violence to find their voice in the court. We will be by your side in requesting Protective Orders.

Wills & Trusts, Living Wills, Health Care Directives

  • Unexpected incidences happen all the time! Protecting your assets and preparing for unexpected health issues is important.

Power of Attorney

  • We draft General and Special Limited Powers of Attorney.

Unbundled Services

  • We provide unbundled services for those who cannot afford to retain an attorney for the entire case. Unbundled services allows the client to have legal services on an as needed basis.

Real Estate / Deeds and Leases

  • Drafting deeds, purchase and sales agreements, rental and lease agreements are part of what Garon Law can do for you.

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